How Many PBN’s for a medium competition keyword?

How many PBN links do you think it would take to get a medium competition(like 37-42) keyword to the top 3 of google? I know it's different for every[...]

lucienne skin cream Thanks on the advent among the internet, provides become a lot easier for men and women to discover the information on anything would[...]

Short “Hi” from a new member

Hello BHW. I will try to introduce myself and why i'm writing this thread as short as possible. Sorry for the awful English language i started to[...]

Need a Bot to Post Articles to Target Platform Sites

I need a bot that can post to a particular platform sites for SEO. The bot must be able to create and email verify accounts on target sites and post the[...]

Fundamental question about anchor text

Alright this my seem pretty fundamental to a lot of you. Quite an SEO noob so would appreciate some advise in this area. Assume the following: Niche –[...]

canonical tag

Actually what is canonical tag?and how it works ? is it important ? [...]

Content writing services | 500 words for just 3 USD | Express delivery | Daily review copi

2-5 days delivery (Depending on order size) 1 Free Review Copy everyday 10 Free Review Copies in the beginning Reasonable Pricing, Fast Delivery and[...]

LUA programmer needed

Hey guys I have built a super large game based off Tibia (for those who do not know tibia just research it) This open source game is pretty cool for RPG[...]

New Instagress Features (Targeting, Custom Speeds, More)

Has anyone played with the new Instagress settings yet? I see we can manually set things like likes per hour, comments per hour, follows/unfollows per[...]