Need help with buying Bitcoins

Written by  on December 8, 2017

Trying to purchase 5GBP worth of bit coins

  • GBP:
    5.00 GBP
  • Payment Fee:0.15 GBP
  • Total Payment Cost5.15 GBP

You Receive:

  • BTC Order:0.00039250 BTC
  • Transaction Fee:0.00099072 BTC
  • BTC Total:-0.00059822 BTC

it wont let me add a screenshot but that is whats showing

they are giving me -Bitcoins lol is this even right

Where do you sell bit coins for real cash?

Written by  on December 7, 2017

I'm kinda new to bitcoin and heard you have to sell on exchange websites , but i don't know which ones are legit, I Have heard that Kraken is used a lot but it just looks funny o_O

if anyone could help me i would appreciate it a lot!


What are the best AD Types to use to make more money on Youtube?

Written by  on December 3, 2017

Hello , I have had a couple of videos on youtube that have reached over 100,000 views i left them on with all 5 ad types (overlay ads,sponsored cards,skippable ads, long non skippable) , would i increase my revenue if i only used the "skippable & long non skippable" ? the videos get a decent watch time and are all Legit views i have earned money from these already, but if i only used the skippable and long non skippable , would i have made more money?